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The main aim of the centre is to ensure the children feel safe, secure and happy in a friendly environment, which will aid in their development. We nurture each child to help their development in all areas - physical, emotional, social, intellectually and language.  Each child's individuality is respected and this is reflected through the planning and programming.

We aim to meet the children's and the parents needs and wishes, ensuring that your time at A.C.E. Child Care centre is happy and enriching. Throughout the day siblings are given the opportunity to interact with each other.

At A.C.E. Child Care Centre we aim to provide an environment and a program in which the child is both cared for and helped to grow.  The staff plans a stimulating and challenging program. The program is adapted to suit each child's level of development and interest, and fosters their confidence and independence.

The program is based on the notion that children learn through play.  What looks like "just play" is serious work for children, and when properly guided produces important learning.

There is a balance between active and quiet; indoor and outdoor; individual and group; free play and directed activities.  An example of activities includes puzzles, painting, climbing, drawing, sand and water play, music and movement. 

Throughout the year special visitors attend the centre to enrich the children's learning. These include chick hatching, puppet shows, farm visits, reptile visits, a dance program etc.





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          2 Renshaw Streeet, Doncaster East Victoria 3109 Australia
          Telephone:  03 9840 1488
          Facsimilie:  03 9848 4245