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The menu is planned weekly and put on display on the noticeboard.  A variety of foods are provided on a daily basis with foods from the five basic food groups being consumed.  All meals and drinks are provided, meeting the daily nutritional needs of the children.  Breakfast is provided for children at 7.45 am, and we provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 

The menu reflects a range of cultures by providing foods from other countries regularly on the menu. Sensitivity to the diet needs of children from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds is respected.

A.C.E Child Care Centre implements a Food Safety Program to ensure that a high standard of food safety is maintained within the child care centre.


A typical menu is:

Breakfast Morning Tea Lunch Afternoon Tea
 Monday Toast/Cereal Fruit Lasagna Dips and Crackers
 Tuesday Toast/Cereal Fruit Chicken and Corn Soup Pizza
 Wednesday Toast/Cereal Fruit Lentils Toasted Sandwiches
 Thursday Toast/Cereal Fruit Meat & Veg Casserole Yoghurt & Veg Sticks
 Friday Toast/Cereal Fruit Tuna Cheese Puffs Rice Custard



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